Harmonic Souls

It’s been two years since the curse on the Kingdom of Laquar has been broken.

Now Jay Walden must take his rightful place as King, with Crystle Nuca, his Captain of the Guard, and Cucun, a cat-demon, by his side.
But Jay never expected to rule like this; without his powers, and brought back to an archaic tradition – arranged marriage. He must find a Queen to stand by his side, but the one he truly yearns for can’t be his.

Everything seems calm until a traitor crashes the engagement. Will Crystle, Jay and Cucun find out who the real enemy is, within the next thirty hours, and stop them before the Kingdom of Laquar suffers the consequences? Or is the Kingdom of Laquar’s fate to be forever shrouded in darkness?

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Harmonic Souls Rating Chart

For Harmonic Souls, the book is based on a 30 hour time frame, so it’s shorter than the first book, but packed with a lot going on. The reason for the 2 wands is the same as for book I, because it’s urban fantasy (based on our planet Earth) rather than an epic fantasy novel (made up planet).

The romance is a bit more developed in this book (more lovers than friendships), though it isn’t a main plot point.

Action is still the same, maybe not as many full on battles, but the pacing is faster, especially with everything happening within 30 hours max.

As for the adventure part, there isn’t much of it, as they aren’t having to travel throughout Egypt anymore. Though, without giving too much away, the characters do have to go back out into the sands of Egypt one more time!