Cucun’s Story

Learn what happened before the curse was cast.
Back when the world was free of demons.
Other than cat demons of course, who could pass between the realms of
Earth and the Underworld.

When two cat demons, each with a different form,
come together they cause a break in the natural order of things.
As their punishment, Cucun, their son is to be imprisoned in the underworld,
and later cast out into the barren desert of Egypt to roam alone,
to redeem his parents’ sins.

Can the natural balance of the world be restored?
Will Cucun ever be forgiven for actions that were not his own?

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Cucun’s Story Rating Chart

The book is an Urban Fantasy book as it is mainly based on Earth, with some moments where my characters visit the underworld, which is why it only got a two wand rating. It doesn’t have as much magic as the books to come, as it’s based around Cucun, who is a Cat Demon.

There are fight scenes in my book, but because it has a lot of back story, including some things that happened before he was born, it does slow down the pace of the book, but the information is important to know, to really connect with Cucun, and explain why he is the way he is in the trilogy.

Lastly the Adventure part. The book contains a lot traveling across Egypt in his journey throughout the book.